IBAJ is an association of IB World Schools in Japan. As such, we believe that all IB World Schools in Japan should benefit from the services of IBAJ. The financial support of our member schools allows us to provide services to the IB World School community in Japan, such as our mailing lists, mentoring programs, job board, and events.

Our association exists to support IB World Schools and candidate schools in Japan.  We have created a mailing list that includes all such schools in Japan, and we use it to send information from the IB and other sources that we think might be useful for the schools.  We also hold one networking event per year and we invite all IB World Schools and candidate schools to participate.

All IB World Schools and candidate schools in Japan are considered part of our association, and we try to do work that benefits such schools.  However, the choice of whether or not to support IBAJ financially is left up to each school.  We know that it can be difficult for some schools to make the payment, especially when they are early in their IB journey, so we do not make our membership fees mandatory.

Membership Fees (per school)

Please note that only IB World Schools are asked to pay the membership fees. Candidate schools and interested schools will be sent invoices when they are authorized as IB World Schools.

  • Initial Membership Fee (first year): 20,000 yen / year / school
  • Renewal Membership Fee (subsequent years): 10,000 yen / year / school


The membership fees are assessed annually, with invoices being sent out at two different times in the year (first round in October and second round in April) to meet the needs of the different schools in our community. Schools can choose to pay the invoice based on the payment schedule that works best for the school. We hope this makes it easier for international schools to pay their fees in October and for Article 1 schools to pay their fees in April every year.

Finally, IBAJ is an association of schools, so our membership fees are based on schools paying, not individuals paying. Therefore, only one membership fee invoice is sent to a school regardless of how many people at the school benefit from the services of IBAJ.

Financial Year

The financial year of the IBAJ is September 1 to August 31.